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In every home, frame a family tree to help strengthen your posterity.

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I am committed to acknowledging connections throughout the generations--past, present, and future--and igniting a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals in THIS generation. Let me help you discover your "roots" as well as strengthen the "branches" of your family tree. If you have had painful experiences in your family line, then this is the blog for you! In fact, all of us will see that as we strengthen ourselves, we strenthen our entire FAMILY TREE through the power of our positive influence.

Daily JOURNALriffic Prompts

Living Mindfully in the Present--
Be happy and live a purpose-filled life as TODAY’s ChangeMaker.

Consistently build a life you love to live using JOURNALriffic's guided-journal prompts.
Align your heart’s desires with your true nature .
Strengthen principles withIN yourself that govern happiness in relationships.
Create positive generational change.

Weekly Outline

More complete prompts, information and examples can be found in
JOURNALriffic-Turn Your Pain Into Purpose


Our topic of the month is found on my Monday and Thursday blog posts.
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Step 1:  OFIR (State your Own Feelings and Inner Resolve without criticism of self or others.)

In step one, you are just recording a happy event with all its joyful feelings.

If there’s a challenge, you simple put words to it in a factual way, so you can choose your path to a solution. You acknowledge how you feel, and do it in a way that reflects that you have sincere, purposeful and courageous inner resolve to experience the satisfying feelings that creating positive change brings. This can help de-escalate any emotions that may be clouding your view of how to move forward in a beneficial way.

Today, I’m thinking about _______________(interaction with a person, event, circumstance). Write your experience in your journal.

I feel_______(sad, happy, excited, angry, confused, etc.)
about _______ (State a specific thing that triggered your emotion.)
because _______ (Explore your reasons.)

Note: A list of feelings and attributes are included near the end of JOURNALriffic if you need help deciding how to accurately describe your feelings.

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Step 2:  UP (Universal Principles--Explore them.)A principle is a natural law.

There are laws that govern the physical world, like gravity, and laws that govern happiness in human interactions, like love, respect, and honesty.

Following the JOURNALriffic 4 steps to Discovery pattern, you are writing your thoughts in your journal about a principle of of your own choosing or using the principle of the week found on the Monday posts at the Family Tree Gal Blog. 
  • Fill in the blank for step two.
    I can see that _______ (principle) helped or could have helped in this situation. (Name the principle. Use the list of Principles and Topics to Ponder at the back of JOURNALriffic, if necessary. Examples of principles are Honesty, Expressing Gratitude, Civility, etc.)
There are several things you can do to explore the principle you've chosen.
  • Have a conversation (about this quality) with someone you trust and respect.
  • Listen to understand their perception without judgment. Remember, your perception can remain different than theirs, if you choose. No stress. Remember to be courteous. No bashing.
  • What have you NOTICED about (the quality and it’s impact in your life and the lives of others.
  • Is there something you can do to integrate the positive aspects of (the quality) in your daily living?
  • What specific action WILL you take connected to (this quality)? (Make a personal commitment.)
  • Write down your commitment. Put it In a place you’ll see it and remember it daily.

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Today, continue the second step in The 4 Steps of Discovery, which is UP (Universal Principles--Explore them), and check out your IN-vironment.  Recognize how your IN-ner thoughts affect the outcome of your experiences.
Think about how the principle, quality or attribute you've chosen is reflected in the way you choose think and then speak?
Ask yourself
  • Do my words build self and others or tear down and demean?
  • Are my words courteous and helpful or disruptive and mean?
  • Are my words beneficial or self-defeating.
  • Do I want to make a commitment to ‘Watch My Words’ and improve?
  • Write down a specific action step you will take toward improving.
[ Note: “Building self” is not the same as boasting. It’s the opposite of boasting. It manifests itself quiety. It contributes to building character. It is an inner quality of integrity and strength. ]

More INtrospection questions and an easy tip to use to elevate your thoughts can be found in JOURNALriffic.

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Step 3:  Today, we will use the third step in JOURNALriffic’s 4 Steps of Discovery, which is Wisdom.Great blessings can come out of any difficulty when wisdom is used for personal growth.

What’s on your mind?  What will you do about it?   It’s time to use wisdom to make some decisions regarding the principle you've chosen this week.

Have your journal ready to write down thoughts and feelings and any guidance that comes to mind.

  • Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and ponder (think about) this quality and how you use or have seen it used in your life..
  • Do any ideas come to you? Where do your quiet thoughts lead you? (Perhaps they lead you to a memory. Perhaps they lead you to gratitude in the present moment. Perhaps they lead you to a new thought.)
  • Decide how these thoughts can benefit you in the present. (Is there something you need to let go of?  Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there something positive awaiting your discovery? etc.)
  • What specifically will you do this very day and this week to act upon your thoughts?
  • Write your commitment
  • Follow through

    See the Thursday JOURNALriffic Prompt in JOURNALriffic and learn more about using wisdom to turn your deepest desires into reality.

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Step 4: 
Today, we will use the fourth step in JOURNALriffic’s 4 Steps of Discovery, which is Do something specific. (Make a positive contribution.)

Do you have your journal and pen ready to write? I hope so because today is the day you’ll explore your FEELINGS about the principle you've chosen. Write down your ideas as you ponder these thoughts. Remember, pausing to become aware of how you truly feel is one way to live mindfully in the present.  As you come to understand your sad or low feelings and take action to increase that which creates hopeful, positive feelings in your life, you become happier and you live a purpose-filled life as TODAY’s ChangeMaker--which is one of the goals of those on a Family Tree Quest.
If needed, check the back of JOURNALriffic to see a list of feelings and attributes that may help jog your mind as you complete today’s journal prompt. 

Using the principle you've chosen for this week, ask yourself,
  • What, if anything, gets in the way of your expressions of this quality.
  • When _______ (state the principle) is missing in my relationships, these are the feelings I don’t like. (List the feelings in your journal.)
  • These are the feelings I like when _______ (state the principle) is present in my relationships. (List your feelings.)
  • Write down one specific thing you will do to contribute positively to your own life and/or the lives of others connected to what you have felt and observed.  Infuse this choice with high frequency, positive emotion and frequent visualization in your mind’s eye of the positive feelings it evokes, so you can consciously observe and elevate the outcomes of your experiences. For tools to help you with this, see the Strengthen Your Vision section of the Additional Resources found at
  • TAKE ACTION ON THAT ONE THING! When you do, remember to record it in your journal, too!
See the entire Friday JOURNALriffic Prompt and ideas for Saturday and Sunday in
JOURNALriffic--Turn Your Pain Into Purpose.

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Happy Journaling!