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I am committed to acknowledging connections throughout the generations--past, present, and future--and igniting a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals in THIS generation. Let me help you discover your "roots" as well as strengthen the "branches" of your family tree. If you have had painful experiences in your family line, then this is the blog for you! In fact, all of us will see that as we strengthen ourselves, we strenthen our entire FAMILY TREE through the power of our positive influence.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Day 3- Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’m participating in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.  Many thanks to Thomas MacEntee of for hosting this each year.  It’s a lot of fun, and it links the Genealogy/Family History community each year in such a delightful, celebratory way.  The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) gives you an opportunity to write about and share your family’s holiday history 24 different ways during 24 days in December! If you’d like to share in the fun, go to

This is a great way to record part of your personal history.  You may want to use these prompts with your Personal Historian software, and you’ll be a step ahead in documenting your personal history and preserving it for your posterity. I also enjoy scanning pictures with my Flip-pal mobile scanner. and storing the pictures in collections with my Heritage Collector Suite software.  Since Christmas is coming, you may want to find these items under your tree this year. 

Here’s TODAY’s prompt and my thoughts about it.

December 3 – Christmas Tree Ornaments
Did your family have heirloom or cherished ornaments? Did you ever string popcorn and cranberries? Did your family or ancestors make Christmas ornaments?

Last Thursday, my mother-in-law, Liz Murphy, passed away.  Due to her passing, I remembered a box of antique ornaments she gave us many years ago.  I really wanted to know where we’d stored these treasures.  Funny, how they didn’t seem so much like treasures…until she passed!  I had a strong desire to find them and use them this year.

In my early married years (about 40 years ago), I strung cranberries and popcorn and made handmade ornaments (Santa Claus’ face on toilet paper rolls, etc.) since, as young-married people, there was no money to purchase ornaments.  We struggled to even buy a live tree
My mother’s influence toward excellence and elegance, led me to buy beautiful ornaments of one or two colors for most of the rest of my life.  I loved turquoise ornaments (like she had on our flocked Christmas trees when growing up.  Mom liked to make her trees look like those in department stores.)  Three of my grandson’s hung the ornaments this year.  We have gold and red balls, a beaded garland of red, gold, green and white, some gold bows, some gold musical notes, a star and white lights.)

Decorating the tree is not one of MY favorite things to do.  (I love to decorate the rest of the house.)  Since my children are grown, I now sit remembering the fun days of my children decorating the tree, and my youngest daughter wearing the Christmas Tree skirt for the yearly “decorating the tree” picture.
Ah, those were the days. 
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whew! The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is Now on the Shopping Cart at Family Tree Quest

One of my favorite products for modern-day Family Historians is the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  I'm happy to announce that, after several days of work and test orders, Flip-Pal can be purchased directly from my site at  Come check out my new page at .  It appears that all links are working and the bundles offered are FANTASTIC.

Flip-pal is portable and so easy to use right out of the box!  I love that you can scan while sitting on the sofa, being comfortable and watching TV.

My grandchildren have been scanning pictures using mine.  So far we have 487 pictures scanned that were just sitting around the house.  I'm very enthused.  A new generation is now getting involved in family history and beginning to ask questions about their parents  when they were young.  Now they know their Gramma Carolyn made most of their mom's cute Halloween costumes (among other things)!

Don't forget to stop by and share in the joy!

While you're there, JOIN THE QUEST (if you haven't already).  Leave your email and download the FREE 8 x 10 family tree I designed.

I can't wait to see who will be the first three guests there!

Now, I'll be going to work updating my Unique Gift Ideas page.  Oh yeh!

By the way,  if you'd like to see a review of Flip-Pal which I wrote in 2011, CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer:  Flip-Pal mobile scanners are my affiliates and dropshippers.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Child Whisperer is Flying off the Shelves

The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle was released October 23, 2012 on Amazon.  It sold out within hours of its release and is now available again. In other words, this book is "Flying off the shelves". I see this as evidence that people are starving and ready for relief and help in their parenting.  They realize that a “one-size-fits all” parenting approach doesn’t work with each child’s unique needs and personality within the family system, yet they don’t know what to do instead.  Help has come.

For parents who are longing for information that can help create happy, cooperative, healthy homes and families, The Child Whisperer contains solutions and unlocks doors of understanding.

It is a fantastic, cutting edge resource to empower moms and dads as they come to know how to raise children with more joy and confidence.  My children are raised, and it is still giving me insight into improving our relationships. I can see that it will help me establish growing bonds of respect and love with my grandchildren.

The Child Whisperer makes excellent gifts for anyone who works with children. This includes teachers and coaches. 

Since this is launch week (October 23 through October 28, 2012), Carol Tuttle is offering $317 in BONUSES for books purchased by the 28th.  A license to access the bonuses will be given for EACH book purchased—even gift books.


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-Receipt must be dated Oct. 23-28! -No pre-order/early release receipts accepted!
-You only get the bonus for purchasing the paperback.
-The videos that come as part of the bonuses are well worth having and watching.

I have the privilege of being selected to be on the Carol Tuttle Launch team.  I am also one of here affiliates and an affiliate of

I am an affiliate of  I am also having a blast being on Carol Tuttle's THE CHILD WHISPERER launch team.

The blessings of trials and adversity

I was deeply moved by this song today on the radio.  To all of TODAY's ChangeMakers who are creating positive change in THIS generation:  Hang in there.  There is a bigger perspective than what we see, but it IS something we CAN remember.


Have a great day!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Create positive generational change with THE CHILD WHISPERER

This video was just released!

Carol Tuttle demystifies parenting and helps you create positive generational change.

Let's use wisdom we've gleaned from the past,
coupled with mindful choices in the present,
to help the future generation thrive!

Watch this new trailer for The Child Whisperer.
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Notice of Material Connection: There are no affiliate links in this post even though I am an affiliate of Carol Tuttle. I'm happy and excited to be part of the launch team for this fascinating and helpful new resource for TODAY's parents.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Change Negative Family Patterns. Become a Child Whisperer.

I'm happy to announce I'm on the launch team for Carol Tuttle's NEW book The Child Whisperer. What does this have to do with family history?

As founder of, I’m constantly on the lookout for the best-of-the-best resources to help TODAY’s ChangeMaker Moms (and Grandmothers) create positive change in their family lines.  The Child Whisperer will be released October 23 on Amazon.  It is a fantastic, cutting edge resource to empower moms as they come to know how to raise children with more joy and confidence.  If you’ve been looking for guidance in overcoming generations of wounds and repression, well, here it is.  Becoming a Child Whisperer is a way to bridge the gap between carrying on negative family patterns and creating a bright and beautiful future.  As you strive to help your child become his/her best, most happy, capable self, be sure to include what you discover in Carol Tuttle’s The Child Whisperer in your plan for raising happy, cooperative children.
BUY HERE on October 23, 2012 and receive $317 in BONUSES.
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Notice of material connection:  I am an affiliate of Carol Tuttle.  This post does not contain any affiliate links, however. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Change is Coming

You may know I've been a journalist for a couple years. This may be the very last article I write for (I'm plugging my work with TODAY's ChangeMakers as a good-bye to Examiner and in hopes that people will discover the power of their own positive influence to help create positive generational change.) Check it out. http://

I'm striving to be a connector between one's family history and the future--finding ways to encourage the present "busy" generation to have an interest in their own genealogy and history in order to strengthen their family tree by using the power of their own positive influence to live beyond the limitations of"victim stories" by helping ChangeMakers embrace a more fully-empowered, happy life. I will be helping heal the heartache of dysfunction and distress in families and family lines with my company, Family Tree Quest.

I'll also be writing as a columnist at Marnie Pehrson's Destined For Freedom site under the category of Freedom from Negative Generational Patterns--a topic that is more perfectly aligned with my message to TODAY's ChangeMakers.  Be sure to note that I am Carolyn MURPHY, not Carolyn Cooper who also posts in that category. 

I'm happy to let you know that my story is included in Marnie's new book, Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift The Planet.  Click the link or click the book below to check it out!

I hope you’ve left your email to JOIN THE QUEST to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthen yourself and your family in THIS generation at Family Tree  I’ll email you a link to receive your FREE 2-generation family tree, suitable for framing.
Let’s stay in touch: 
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