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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whew! The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is Now on the Shopping Cart at Family Tree Quest

One of my favorite products for modern-day Family Historians is the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  I'm happy to announce that, after several days of work and test orders, Flip-Pal can be purchased directly from my site at  Come check out my new page at .  It appears that all links are working and the bundles offered are FANTASTIC.

Flip-pal is portable and so easy to use right out of the box!  I love that you can scan while sitting on the sofa, being comfortable and watching TV.

My grandchildren have been scanning pictures using mine.  So far we have 487 pictures scanned that were just sitting around the house.  I'm very enthused.  A new generation is now getting involved in family history and beginning to ask questions about their parents  when they were young.  Now they know their Gramma Carolyn made most of their mom's cute Halloween costumes (among other things)!

Don't forget to stop by and share in the joy!

While you're there, JOIN THE QUEST (if you haven't already).  Leave your email and download the FREE 8 x 10 family tree I designed.

I can't wait to see who will be the first three guests there!

Now, I'll be going to work updating my Unique Gift Ideas page.  Oh yeh!

By the way,  if you'd like to see a review of Flip-Pal which I wrote in 2011, CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer:  Flip-Pal mobile scanners are my affiliates and dropshippers.