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Friday, April 23, 2010

Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture, 19th Edition: All in the Family Way

I love my Irish heritage. I also love poetry. When I found out that there was a Small-leaved Shamrock Poetry Party, I thought, “Count me in!”

The poetry party is a celebration of Irish verse in honor of the US National Poetry Month 2010. It is part of the 19th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture. This edition will be published at Small-leaved Shamrock on Poem in Your Pocket Day, Thursday, April 29, 2010.

Since “debt” is a big part of American lives at the present moment, I am submitting this Irish rhyme by Thomas Moore.

All in the Family Way
by Thomas Moore

A New Pastoral Ballad (Sung in the character of "Britannia")
I liked the rhyme in it, so considered it "poetry"

["The Public Debt is owed from ourselves to ourselves and resolves itself into a Family Account" - Sir Robert Peel's Letter]

(Tune -- My banks are all furnish'd with bees)
[whatever that tune is!!!]

My banks are all furnished with rags,
So thick, even Freddy can't thin 'em;
I've torn up my old money-bags,
Having little or nought to put in 'em.
My tradesman are smashing by dozens,
But this is all nothing, they say;
For bankrupts, since Adam, are cousins,
So, it's all in the family way.

My Debt not a penny takes from me,
As sages the matter explain;
Bob owes it to Tom and then Tommy
Just owes it to Bob back again.
Since all have thus taken to owing,
There's nobody left that can pay;
And this is the way to keep going,
All quite in the family way.

My senators vote away millions,
To put in Prosperity's budget;
And though it were billions or trillions,
The generous rogues wouldn't grudge it.
'Tis all but a family hop,
'Twas Pitt began dancing the hay;
Hands round! -- why the deuce should we stop?
'Tis all in the family way.

My labourers used to eat mutton,
As any great man of the State does;
And now the poor devils are put on
Small rations of tea and potatoes.
But cheer up John, Sawney and Paddy,
The King is your father, they say;
So ev'n if you starve for your Daddy,
'Tis all in the family way.

My rich manufacturers tumble,
My poor ones have nothing to chew;
And, even if themselves do not grumble,
Their stomachs undoubtedly do.
But coolly to fast en famille,
Is as good for the soul as to pray;
And famine itself is genteel,
When one starves in a family way.

I have found out a secret for Freddy,
A secret for next Budget day;
Though, perhaps he may know it already,
As he, too, 's a sage in his way.
When next for the Treasury scene
he Announces "the Devil to pay",
Let him write on the bills, "Nota bene,
'Tis all in the family way."

I hope you've enjoyed this rhyme.
Have a great day!

Family Tree Gal, Carolyn

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nota bene- "mark well, observe particularly," c.1721, from L. nota, second person sing. imper. of notare "to mark" + bene "well" (see bene-). nota bene. (n.d.).
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