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Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Lane Monday: Homes

I was fortunate to live in one home the entire time I was being raised.  A white stucco home with shutters and a big picture window in the living room.  My parents purchased the house for $12,000, paid it off, and sold it for about $250,000 fifty years later.  There was a sidewalk going up one side which led to a gate.  Beside the sidewalk was a garden area.  Roses were planted there for awhile, but the types of flowers would change when my dad decided to try something new.  The kitchen window overlooked this area.  When I was in elementary school, there were multi-colored, fragrant sweet peas growing on a trellis under that kitchen window.  I felt so special when mom would suggest I take some flowers to my teacher.  

I can see now, that I need to take many more days writing about my childhood home.  I like these prompts by Amy, so I can have direction to my writing this year.  I will continue to update or write about my home.  Even without its complete description, however, what's deeply important to me is the love that always could be found there.  Amid normal ups and downs, it was love that filled the air--wrapping my insecurities in light.  For that, I am most grateful!  

The home has been sold and my parents have passed away, but the memories are locked in my heart forever with the spirit of love in the "home" they created for me.

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