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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memory Lane Monday: Radio and Television

As I reflect upon radio and TV in my life, I remember times as a small child when the TV was in the living room, and my parents and I were comfortably at rest watching shows in the evening.  Although cartoons were my favorite as a child, I distinctly remember Ozzie and Harriet and the Andy Williams show (around Christmastime) as being part of what we would watch together as a family. 

Friday nights, with hamburgers (homemade), chips and green beans was fun, once we built our den.  I did NOT like it when my dad watched boxing.  Although I was very small, I remember getting our first color TV (although it is a very vague memory).  We had a console model TV for years!  In later years, it seemed like we had lots of TVs -- in almost every room. I distinctly remember missing the faces of the old familiar news anchors from California when we moved to Arizona, yet I didn't miss seeing houses slide into the ocean when heavy rains came to Malibu.

I don't remember much about radio in my life until I was in my teens.  I loved listening to popular songs and found the theme in the ones I loved most was about finding someone to love forever.  Ahhh!
I can't wait to see next week's challenge.

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