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I am committed to acknowledging connections throughout the generations--past, present, and future--and igniting a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals in THIS generation. Let me help you discover your "roots" as well as strengthen the "branches" of your family tree. If you have had painful experiences in your family line, then this is the blog for you! In fact, all of us will see that as we strengthen ourselves, we strenthen our entire FAMILY TREE through the power of our positive influence.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New FREE Weekly Webinars to Begin Next Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something great is in the works!  Marlo Schuldt of LifeStory Productions has worked with me over the past couple of years developing some new ways to share your photos and family stories. 

I’m delighted to announce that he has partnered with me to bring a webinar series to you on three Wednesday evenings in July from 7 to 8 pm Mountain time. We are developing some great content we think you will find fun and interesting.

Getting Started with Heritage Collector - Part 1

Our first series will be dedicated to the Heritage Collector Suite. We will be sharing some great tips and ideas about new ways to organize, find and share your photos and family history. We will show you how to free up space on your on your hard drive by finding and deleting duplicate photos. We'd love to have you attend our free webinar on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:00 pm MST. Click on the following link to reserve your place at the webinar. (Sign up for the other two webinars, too!)

We will also be offering some discounts and links to free graphics at the webinar. Here are the basics of the class:
  • Brief overview of Heritage Collector and all the fun things you can do – storybooks, calendars, slideshows and more.
  • How to create a photo collection
  • Import photos into Heritage Collector
  • Eliminate duplicate photos
  • Search for and find photos in seconds
  • Turn a photo collection into a simple slideshow

Please click on this link to get more information and to register for the free classes:

This will NOT be rocket science but it will be a lot of fun!

Please Register to attend one of our Webinars today!

You will get the kind of encouragement, help and information you need to do some fantastic things with your photos and computer!

I hope to connect with you at the webinar.

PS.  If you haven't JOINED THE QUEST (to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthening yourself and your family in THIS generation, please do so now.  Go to Family Tree Quest, leave your name and email, and receive your FREE 2 generation family tree.  chart.  That way, your name will be on my mailing list, and there will be LOTS of great value coming your way soon.