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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar of Chrismas Memories: Christmas Trees

Each Year, Geneabloggers hosts an Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) 

Today's topic is Christmas Trees.

When I was a little girl, Christmas celebrations at our home were fairly simple.  I was the only child in our family, yet Christmas was lots of fun because my best friend lived right around the block.

We’d display a tree in our living room.  My mom liked flocked trees, so some evening after Thanksgiving, we’d often we’d go to the local Christmas Tree Lot and pick out and purchase a fresh, green tree as a family.  I was really thrilled to dart in and out of the isles of trees, and loved the smell of the sawdust that covered the ground.  My dad would often buy lots of flocking spray, and flock our tree in the backyard so it would look like snow.  What a hassle!  I’m glad that they just bought a flocked tree when I was older.  I loved the evergreen smell, and it didn’t seem like Christmas as much at first when they got an artificial green tree when I was in my twenties.

In those early years, most people would hang silver tinsel all over their trees.  I didn’t miss it much when we stopped doing that.  My mother loved to go shopping in the malls.  She loved the elegant trees she saw in the store windows and inside the stores.  She retired the old ornaments and bought all turquoise blue, and turquoise blue on a flocked tree was absolutely beautiful.

When I was away at college, and my parents were going to bring out the artificial tree, I was very surprised and also grateful that my boyfriend bought a fresh tree for us to enjoy when I came home to Long Beach, CA on break from school.

When I was first married, the budget was extremely tight.  We managed to buy a fresh tree, but the ornaments were all handmade.

After having children, we had all sorts of trees, usually fresh and green with many different types of decorations each year.

When I lived in Mesa and the children were older, we bought an artificial tree and decorated with red and gold balls, ribbons, garland and had a star on the top—representing the star of Bethlehem.

Reflecting on our Christmas Tree Tradition has been quite a walk down memory lane.  In 2013, I downsized, and now enjoy the trees in the homes of my children at Christmastime.  I take delight in the eyes of my grandchildren as they have now begun making memories of their own.

Many thanks to Thomas MacEntee for hosting these Christmas memory prompts.  The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at  Maybe you’d like to share your family history, too.

Here's 3 simple tools I use to create my permanent personal history:

1)  I post a memory to my blog.  I copy the contents I posted there, then open my Personal Historian Software and paste my words there for my permanent Personal History records.

2)  I also enjoy using my Heritage Collector Suite for organizing my old-time photos as well as  current photos for quick retrieval and creating gifts.

 3)  And I love, love, love using my Flip-pal mobile scanner for scanning my old photos to a memory card and getting them on to the computer and into Heritage Collector Suite.  My grandchildren love using the Flip-pal, too.  They couldn't wait for Grandma to pay them to use the Flip-pal to help her "catch up" with the 20 years of old photos that had been stored in a box. And I was happy to have my memories consolidated more quickly than if I waited to do it myself or spent hours standing at a traditional scanner. (The Flip-pal can be held on your lap.)

Preserving my personal and family history has never been easier!  Have fun preserving yours.

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