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Monday, March 21, 2011

Memory Lane Monday: Movies

As a youth in Long Beach, CA, I often went to the Towne and Crest Theaters.  When the Crest was no longer in existence, it was a shock.  Somehow movie theaters become quite a landmark in cities, I think.  They are a gathering place for family and friends, where lots of lasting memories are made at all stages of life—childhood, youth, young adult and adult.

When our children were younger, we went out to the movies quite often.  The dollar movie theaters in Mesa were great for the family budget, but some of them no longer exist and others are no longer well maintained. (That’s my nice way of saying they’re dirty, and no longer appealing.)

At the present time, my husband and I occasionally enjoy bringing DVDs home on Friday nights and enjoying a “date night” at home (now that our children are all grown and out of the house).  It’s difficult for me to go to the movies since the lingering effects of car accidents have negatively impacted my physical ability to sit very long unless I use a special chair.  I have been known to take my reclining chair or wheelchair to the movies, however.

One of my favorite memories was having several family members together (with grandchildren) to see Kung Fu Panda.  Everyone loved the film, we took pictures next to the life-sized statues in the lobby and for weeks on end, we watched our grandchildren take themselves so seriously as they performed Kung Fu in our living room.  We also enjoyed seeing Ratatouille together.

Some of my favorite movies include:  Field of Dreams, Rudy, Man of La Mancha, Iron Will and Somewhere in Time.  I love almost all musicals (especially old ones), and I’m very fond of most children’s movies by Disney and Don Bluth.  I also love uplifting theme songs, like the theme song from Balto (Reach for the Light by Steve Winwood) which I had no idea was from a children’s movie when I first heard it.

There’s my Memory Lane Monday post.

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