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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Card Giving is Expensive!

Resource Wednesday

No more expensive postage this Christmas!  I sent eCards from American Greetings.

I am one of those people who values the personal connection that comes when giving and receiving cards.  I value the sweet sentiments the words convey—when they are usually left unspoken in the “busy-ness” of life.  To me, this is an important, often-neglected part of strengthening our family trees with secure bonds that words from the cards can convey—often better than we can say them ourselves.

Each year, I send out about 125 cards.  The last few years I’ve had an internal debate with myself going on.  Do I continue to send Christmas Cards, do I pare down my list, do I quit sending cards all together?  I’ve learned that I value the relationships of the people I rarely see (due to moving out of the same city and/or state).  In spite of the expense of postage, I still managed to stay in touch with most of them—those who included some details about their lives and experiences.  The connection was worth the expense.

Thank goodness technology has helped me solve my dilemma!  This year, I purchased a subscription from American Greetings after my FREE TRIAL.  My cards got delivered via the Internet with the click of a button.  Since it is my first year, importing the addresses and selecting my Christmas Card “group” was a bit time consuming, but well worth the savings on purchasing cards and postage.  I’m all set up for years to come, and I will mail some cards to loved ones who do not use the Internet.  I win all the way around!  I’m so happy about this and just wanted you to know.

I became an affiliate of American Greetings and Blue Mountain Arts to be able to share these great money and energy-savers with you.  Smilebox (affiliate) has some great selections as well.  Most offer some FREE services.  I bought an inexpensive membership and have sent cards for birthdays, other holidays and special occasions.  I’ve even posted cards to friends Facebook pages. I’ve been able to include personal written messages.  I think you can include pictures or video, but I haven’t explored that yet.  It’s wonderful!  Give it a try.

You’ll find them listed on my HOLIDAY IDEAS and SPECIALS page of my website, or simply click the links in the post above or on the buttons below!  Enjoy!