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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Resource Wednesday--Heritage Collector Suite, a MUST HAVE!

Resource Wednesday

Heritage Collector Suite
Your complete Family History Management System

I highly recommend this resource, I have seen it demonstrated more than once, and I can't wait to get started using it regularly this coming year!

When I first saw the features of this product, I sought out the owners and asked if we could do business together.  I met Marlo Schuldt and his wife, Leanna, at our last
Family History Expo in Mesa.  Once again, I was "sold".  They are the nicest people and have an amazing product.

Here are some details:

Heritage Collector Makes Organization Fast and Easy

Organize, Find, and Share
Family History Photos and Genealogy

Is YOUR Family History creating clutter?

THE PERFECT SOLUTION to your frustration and stress.
SAVE MONEY. CREATE your own family history gifts.
PRESERVE priceless memories
Everything You Need to Complete a Variety of Family History Projects

    * Organize Photos, Documents, Audio Files, Video Clips and More
    * Avoid frustration and costly mistakes
    * Keep associated photos and files together
    * Find Any Photo in Seconds
    * Photo Identification
    * Archive and Search CDs and DVDS
    * Safeguard Files With Backup System
    * Create Sharable PDFs
    * Save Hard Drive Space
    * Easy to follow user manual.  No computer jargon.

Perfect for the beginner and also for those who have boxes and boxes of “stuff”.

When you don't know where to begin, begin with Heritage Collector Suite!
For more details, click here. Check out the awesome bonuses.

For other genealogy records (pedigree charts, etc.)
I recommend Roots Magic Software.

Between the two products, you'll have things under control!

Happy organizing!

By the way, these are great gift ideas.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I make a point to recommend only those products which I feel will be of value to my readers. With this in mind, I'm disclosing that I am an Amazon Affiliate.  I own the Family Tree Quest website, and Heritage Collector drop ships products for me.  When links in the above post are clicked, I make a commission if a sale results.